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The GTMP Group is a collection of Entertainment based departments serving the Entertainment community. It is clear that as time marches on the industry is faced with new challenges and requests for those who make their living from it. That includes Artistes, Venues and our fellow Entertainment Agents collectively. GTMP Group has been around for over 35 years and that span of time has seen a lot of changes in the business and we have coped and embraced these changes as they have materialised. The following are a description of how we operate during the present climate and the reason why we have created these companies.

The Welsh Factor:

This project is used to recruit new people with talent into the Entertainment Industry. When a person who is very talented does well in these competitions, they are approached with help to develop their talent if they wish to make a career in this industry. To date, over sixty contestants are plying their trade on the professional circuit today as a result of initially entering the Welsh Factor Talent Competitions. It has been a source of encouragement to those with talent and it has been a humbling experience to see such people develop and enhance that talent.

GT Management Promotions:

This is one of the Agencies associated with the Group and where the business began all those year ago. At one time, in the hey day of Entertainment the Agency were the largest importer of Acts from the North East of England and Scotland and made association with a lot of people in the Entertainment Industry. Today, they operate as an Agency seeking employment for and representing Artistes in the field of Entertainment.

Artiste Management:

This department is the other Entertainment Agency with the Group and serves to represent and manage Artistes on a personal level. This is run by Anna Marie Thomas who helps young talent build their confidence and is responsible for producing the production shows the Agency promotes from time to time. A talented individual who was the recipient of “The Business Person of the Year” award in 2011, Anna has the role of organising all the production and events associated with the Group.

Events and Promotions:

These are projects which the company is currently developing for the future trend that is getting ready to introduce itself as the next NEW thing in the Industry. In due course we will be seeking diligent people who would like to get involved in the promotion of shows and events which will create a NEW industry in it’s own right. The title we allocate to such people are “Audience Development Officers” and anyone interested in applying for such a position can contact the office for an informal interview and this is a post where training will be given.

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We have created NEW formats for your Entertainment choice. You can view a selection of ideas that can be suitable to help raise money for Charities, Fun Raisers, Community Projects and even if you wish to promote an evening as part of your business. We have everything in place, plus all the advice to help with marketing your project whatever it may be. It doesn’t cost anything to ask! We are moving in different areas and bringing a multitude of ideas to the table. CALL US TODAY!!!

Wedding Packages:

Your Wedding is a really big day and we have created packages that we hope you will find attractive. Every Wedding is different and it makes sense to plan a programme of entertainment that will grow with quality and variety throughout the day. Click on to our Wedding page and view the variety of attractions that are available from a Radio presenter to MC your Wedding beginning to end to complete packages you can build into your programme that can give that “Wow” factor to your big day.  CALL US TODAY!!!


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The ideas published on this website are the “intellectual property” of GT Management Promotions Group of Companies. This is copyright material and serves to protect our interests and those of our Artistes and Clients. With NEW ideas that work there are unscrupulous people who will copy and duplicate them without regard to recognition of the owners property or interests and we have a policy of protecting the interests of our own ideas and those of our Artistes that we represent! For any queries regarding what is our copyright ownership and those of our Artistes please feel free to enquire.

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